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Dr. Anil Kumar Monga
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Ear Nose Throat Doctor

Dr. Anil K Monga, MBBS, MD, FCPS Dr. Anil K Monga is a medical expert with 27 years of experience and specialises in ENT treatment. He is presently a Senior Surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. His expertise is in surgeries for treating Deafness, Cochlear Implants, Nasal Endoscopic Surgeries, Microlaryngeal Surgeries, Vertigo Workups & Management, Surgery of Deaf & Discharging Ears, Ossicular Reconstruction & Cochlear Implantation, and Surgery for Larynx as well as Snoring with Laser. He has achieved training in Micro Ear Surgery with Prof. Plester from Germany. His short stint in the country helps him speak the language as well. Dr. Anil K Monga keeps himself updated with latest techniques and has attended European Consensus meeting on Auditory implants. Attended advanced Cochlear Implant workshop at Sydney and Melbourne (Bionic Institute). He also has achieved hands on training in Lateral Skull Base surgery and Cochlear Implantation at House Ear Institute, Los Angeles, CA. On average, he handles 20 surgeries per week and is skilled at handling all age groups. He is an expert at treating children with allergic tonsil enlargement who become mouth breathers. Dr. Anil K Monga frequently sees patients in Delhi with respiratory issues and his common advice is to follow Pranayam and Breathing exercises. Music is his therapy and he loves to travel and read books.


29 year(s) of experince


English/ Hindi/ Punjabi/ Marathi/ Konkani/ Bengali/ Gujrati/ some German

Consultation fee

Rs 600/- (Clinic), 800/-(Hospital), 1000/- (Consultation+Endoscopy at the clinic)


  • ENT
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Deafness Surgery
  • Nasal Endoscopic Surgeries
  • Microlaryngeal Surgeries
  • Vertigo Workups & Management
  • Surgery of Deaf & Discharging Ears
  • Ossicular Reconstruction & Cochlear Implantation
  • Surgery for Larynx and Snoring with Laser

Awards and publication

  • Workshops on Ear Surgery in many centers in Northern India
  • Workshops in Temporal Bone Dissection & Micro Ear Surgery all over India
  • Attended European Consensus meeting on Auditory implants.
  • Attended advanced Cochlear Implant workshop at Sydney and Melbourne (Bionic Institute)


  • MBBS, 1978
    Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai
  • MS - General Surgery, 1982
    Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai
  • Diploma in Oto- Rhino-Laryngology, 1985
    Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai
  • FCPS, 1986
    Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai

Professional Experience

  • Presently,Senior ENT Surgeon & Cochlear Implant Surgeon,Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi
  • Formerly,Senior consultant,ENT Surgeon,Uday Hospital,Delhi

Certifications and Memberships

  • Member,ENT Association of India.
  • Ex-President,Association of Otolaryngologists of India,Delhi
  • Member,National Advisory Board on Vertigo
  • Advanced hands on training in Lateral skull base surgery and cochlear implantation at House Ear Institute, Los Angeles,CA.
  • Trained in Micro Ear Surgery with Prof. Plester, Germany.

Patient Reviews

vansh bansal
01 March 2015

His nature is good and Dr. Monga diagnosed me very well.
rachna dhodi
26 February 2015

He is a very nice person and i have already recommended the doctor to my relative.
Rekha Mittal
24 February 2015

He is a very good doctor and definitely i will recommend him to others.
Jeewan Sohanpal
08 January 2015

Everything was perfect.
Anilprasad Yadav
30 December 2014

doctor seems experienced
Pragati Sheel
16 December 2014

karan mehta
11 December 2014

Dhanender Malhotra
07 December 2014

arpit singla
06 October 2014

he is a good doctor
rashmi kumar
05 October 2014

doctor is very good
harjinder kaur
14 August 2014

Bahut acha raha interactin doctor k sath. Medicines bata di doctor ne aur treatment abhi chal raha hai.
alka aggarwal
14 August 2014

Good interactions with Doctor ,,,,,,,,,service also Good,,,,,,,,,,,
Sujata Taneja
12 August 2014

Good !!
Satish kumar Gupta
05 August 2014

Doctor was good ,,,,,,,,,,,
Swati Chopra
04 August 2014

He is a very good.. recognized doctor , very much experienced !!
Swati Chopra
30 July 2014

Good interactions with Doctor ,,,,,,,,
Yashmeen kumari
28 July 2014

Doctor was nice,,,,,,,,,,,
MoHAN Goyal
25 July 2014

Good interactions with Doctor ,,,,,,,,,,,
Tanusree Talukdar
25 July 2014

Good interactions with Doctor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Jeewan Sohanpal
24 July 2014

"Interaction was really nice with the doctor,,,,,,,,,,
Vikas Dhaka
23 July 2014

"Interaction was really nice with the doctor,,,,,,,,,,
Harshit Gupta
22 July 2014

"Interaction was really nice with the doctor,,,,,,,,,,
Abha Habib
21 July 2014

Good interactions with Doctor ,,,,,,,,,,,
Vikas Dhaka
21 July 2014

Interaction was good with the doctor !! Good Service ...
ramrishi Parashar
17 July 2014

Good interactions with Doctor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Takhsh lohiya
17 July 2014

Good interactions with Doctor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Ankit Goyal
15 July 2014

"Interaction was really nice with the doctor,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Vikas Dhaka
14 July 2014

Good interactions with Doctor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
rishu saxena
12 July 2014

Excellent dr
Narayanarao Kada
10 July 2014

Interaction was fine.
ankit sah
10 July 2014

It was nice interacting with the doctor and services of helpingdoc are also very nice.
Gayatri Renu
10 July 2014

He is nice doctor and very comfortable to consult with. Services of helpingdoc are also good to have an appt.
rishu saxena
09 July 2014

Very good doctor and very nice services of helpingdoc.
Deepa Narula
09 July 2014

Interaction was quiet good with the doctor and services of helpingdoc are very quick to get the appt.
Monu Bansal
09 July 2014

Badhiya raha sab kuch doctor k sath.
Ram Pandey
09 July 2014

Treatment is still going on and he is good doctor.
Abha Habib
09 July 2014

Theek raha interaction doctor k sath aur mai bilkul recommend krna chaungi doctor ko dusre patients k lie.
Jitender Bansal
08 July 2014

It was a good experience with the doctor and with the services of helpingdoc too.
ajay shukla
08 July 2014

Good interaction with the doctor.
dhruv kumar
07 July 2014

Theek raha interaction doctor k sath.
Vikas Dhaka
07 July 2014

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Takhsh lohiya
25 June 2014

Good interactions with Doctor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Good Service
Rekha Mittal
24 June 2014

Sab badhiaya tha... badhiya doctor aur badhiya services.
Vikas Dhaka
24 June 2014

Acha interaction raha doctor k sath and services bhi achi hain helpingdoc ki.
Kiran Rani
20 June 2014

Doctor was fine ,,,,,,,,,,
Neelu Ahuja
17 June 2014

Doctor was very Good ,,,,,
Nakul Garg
17 June 2014

Good interactions with Doctor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Rachita Aggarwal
17 June 2014

Doctor was nice ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Manish Malik
11 June 2014

Good interactions with Doctor ,,,,,,,
04 June 2014

Good interactions with doctor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Abha Habib
30 May 2014

Doctor was Good,,,,
Aseem Sharma
27 May 2014

Good interactions with doctor
Abha Habib
26 May 2014

Service is good ,,,,,, doctor was nice
pooja gupta
20 May 2014

Very good experience , also he was on time ... i really like to recommend this doctor !!
Aparna Gupta
20 May 2014

I like the doctor !! He is a good doctor !!
shantanu kr1
20 May 2014

service is very good ,,,,, doctor was fine
15 May 2014

Appointment was fine !!
faraz sayyed
10 May 2014

It was all fine..
Usha Shukla
09 May 2014

Interaction was all good , nice doctor , good service..
Shivam Chugh
01 May 2014

Nice doctor and he was on time also !!!!
inder Singh
30 April 2014

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rajeev kumar
30 April 2014

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Puneet Puneet
29 April 2014

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shankey goel
24 April 2014

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23 April 2014

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arun sharma
23 April 2014

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Poonam Bhalla
23 April 2014

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yash agarwl
21 April 2014

He is a very nice doctor and i will continue with this doctor. Services and team of helpingdoc are really nice and they guided me very well for the appointment.
suhaib meraj
21 April 2014

Thik hai doctor
aayush dhamija
12 April 2014

It was all good... It was all great.
Satish Yambem
11 April 2014

Good Doctor...good experience !!!
chetan gogia
31 March 2014

It was a nice experience with the doctor and with the services as well.
ambika chauhan
28 March 2014

It was a nice interaction with the doctor.
chander gogia
28 March 2014

Sab accha raha
Dhananjay Singh
25 March 2014

Doctor acchae hain
manoj kumar
25 March 2014

It was nice to meet the doctor.
Anjana Saxena
14 March 2014

Doctor is very good and the services of helpingdoc are excellent.
Sudarshan Dhameja
07 February 2014

Appointment with doctor through helpingdoc was really good.
Akash Goel
08 January 2014

My appointment with him was fine, he suggested me for a surgery and i am ready to go for it.
Shivam Chugh
27 December 2013

Good doctor, his experience was nice
DrRicha Singh
27 November 2013

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13 November 2013

Great experienced doctor
Amanpreet Wadhwa
12 November 2013

His prescription really helps
Praveen Malhotra
12 November 2013

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pushpendra kumar
08 October 2013

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Uddesh Kumar
08 October 2013

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Ubadah Farooqi
07 October 2013

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06 August 2013

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29 July 2013

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15 July 2013

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04 June 2013

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03 June 2013

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03 June 2013

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paramjit mongia
30 May 2013

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30 May 2013

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sultan sindher
30 May 2013

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29 May 2013

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18 May 2013

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15 May 2013

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15 May 2013

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09 May 2013

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24 April 2013

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22 March 2013

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11 March 2013

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10 March 2013

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26 February 2013

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Subramanian Gopalakrishnan
24 February 2013

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24 February 2013

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24 February 2013

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10 February 2013

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29 January 2013

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15 January 2013

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09 January 2013

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28 December 2012

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